Vampiric Love

– a lovebite of a particular kind…

A collection of stories featuring a vampire of some kind.

The vampire must be one of the main characters, not a side character. Preferably a canon character.

All stories must be completed.

Updated 5/1/2016 – Links fixed and alternates identified

Aqua Fresca by Perfica
Length: Chaptered (86491 words)
Pairing/Characters: Severus/Harry
Summary: “Set in an alternative reality which veers from canon after OotP, and where Harry is over eighteen and attending Hogwarts. Harry witnesses Severus suffering under an unusual curse. Both of them struggle to come to terms with the new intimacy that springs up between them because of the vision.”
HP Lover: Perfica is one of those authors that you must read, and as per usual she does not hold back in this one. An AU with an over 18 Harry, there is a lot of depth and a noble Harry lusting after his professor… I wont say any more, just simply — Read it! Also on Ao3.

BloodBound by Shanne
Length: 36,654 words or 8 Chapters
Pairing/Characters: Harry/Draco
Summary: “It had been two weeks since they’d lost their most prized weapon… the prophesized child that should rid the world of its greatest threat, the Chosen One, the Boy-Who-Lived… Two weeks since the Order lost Harry Potter to darkness. HPDM slash. Vamp!fic”
Update: The story has been removed and I have not found an alternate link.

Bloodless and Blind by Occasusvenustas
Length: Oneshot
Pairing/Characters: Severus/Harry
Summary: “Harry turned his head and against better judgement, he kissed Severus. It was cold again. There was no heat lurking behind this. But then again, Harry knew that’s how it would always be between them.”
HP Lover: Short, but not sweet. Set post war but other time indicators are vague in reference. There is a character death that is mentioned but you dont actually see it happen. I don’t necessarily like (love) this story however it is well written and I have now read it a few times. It is as realistic as a vamp story can be, given the subject manner, and that gritty reality is what gives it it’s edge.

Blood Tides by Eriador117
Length: 29 Chapters – 56440 words
Pairing/Characters: Severus/Harry
Rating: M+
Summary: “Something happened to five year old Harry Potter that will affect his life forever. Warnings: AU, vampire fic, angst, violence, child abuse, non-con, attempted sucicide. This is for Lothirielwen who wanted vampire!Harry :-), for Accioslash who wanted “Harry to help with Snape’s emotional and sexual insecurities” and for Jill Suzanne who wanted attempted suicide and Harry helping Snape face his demons..”

Call of Blood by Lakhesis
Length: Oneshot
Summary: Part of the From Dusk till Dawn Severus Snape/Harry Potter Fuh-Q-Fest. Challenge: Harry overhears Snape talking to Dumbledore. WHAT? Snape’s attracted to him?!
HP Lover: A lovely oneshot with Professor Potter and Professor Snape. Harry is the Muggle Studies teacher and overhears a damning conversation between Snape and Dumbledore. I do so like the stories where Severus fights against his nature, only to be saved by Harry, and then they fall in lurve… Yeah well this is one of those but a little different to the norm. Check it out and while you’re at it. Check out the sequel too, it’s just as good as the other – Ritual of Erosade

Crimson Moon by Calanor and Morganlefay1958
Length: 31931 words or 8 chapters
Pairing/Characters: Harry/Severus, Ron/Hermione/Draco
Summary: Harry and his friends have been thrown back in time a thousand years. They have choices to make to fulfill their destinies one day at a time. Harry has walked through the centuries alone until he crosses path with a beautiful creature of an ancient bloodline long forgotten, Severus Snape. Written for 7spells LJ community and by Calanor and Morganlefay1958.
HP Lover: A time travel and a vampire fic… who could ask for more? This is another well written serving from my favourite duo of Calanor and Morganlefey1958. I wont go into the details about Severus Snape and how he became the submissive in this story, but rest assured that it is rather good. Hot smutty scenes, angst, retribution and gypsy violinists will dance around with many dark and wonderful creatures and coerce you to kick up your heels and dance!!

Crimson Regret by Eowyns Entity
Length: 18 Chapters – 59337 words
Pairing/Characters: Harry/Severus
Summary: Severus is a REAL vampire! Every ten years his circumference comes around, the time where he discovers if his mate is in the next generation. Who is his mate, and what is he?

Cyfrgolledig atyn yr Dywyllwch by Saerry Snape
14,623words in 9 chapters
Harry, OC
“Post Hogwarts. Harry Potter was turned into a vampire during his sixth year and was hated by the wizarding world ever after for it – even though he defeated Voldemort. Two hundred and sixty-one years later, he returns to the school – and the wo…”
HP Lover:
This is an unusual offering for me as it is a gen fic. Yes, that’s right, no smut!! But dont let the lack of sex stop you from reading what is probably one of the best stories ever written in the vampire genre. Well, some may argue with that assessment, bu I think that it is rather close. Harry was changed just before the final battle, in what appears to have been his 6th year. On discovery of his status the Wizarding World throws him out of Hogwarts and starts hunting him… Does he turn dark? does he destroy the Ministry, does he retire to a hermits hut in the mountains of Scottland and grieve his losses??? Well read it and find out! I swear you wont regret it!

The Darkest Rose by Lotrwariorgodss
Length: Oneshot ~ 10, 600
Pairing/Characters: Harry/Severus
Summary: Written for hpvamp Vampentine2007 Original Request: a classical instrument of some fashion, oddly colored roses (fire or black), a letter of some kind.

Dark Knight trapped in the Bright Day by Winnett
Length: Oneshot – approx 1000 words
Pairing/Characters: Harry/Severus
Summary: Severus gets caught out in the day.
HP Lover: A cute and humourous little story about Severus getting caught out by suspicious villagers.

Endlessly by BloodRedEnd
Length: 4 chapters – 12046 words
Pairing/Characters: Harry/Severus
Summary: After the battle at Hogwarts, Harry feels like he must go back to the Shrieking Shack to give Snape a proper burial. What happens when the body isn’t there?

Endurance of Life by Lomonaaeren
Oneshot15,801 words
Pairing/Characters: Harry/Draco
“Harry was hit with a curse that the Healers were helpless to stop. Now, on Beltane evening, Harry is ready to admit that Draco was right about the treatment for his condition all along.”
HP Lover:
An interestingly written oneshot that is set post war/hogwarts and has Draco going after what he wants. The interesting part in this story is how it jumps from different time frames back and forth. One minute in the present and another in the past, explaining the present. I really enjoyed this one. But then that is not surprising given that is Lomonaaeren that wrote it!

Eternal Bonds by Rowaine
Length: in 4 parts
Pairing/Characters: Harry/Severus
Summary: Snape’s in a bad situation that could threaten his life, but Harry has a way out. If the stubborn bastard will accept help from a Gryffindor.

An Eternity of Falling by Dacro
Length: Oneshot
Pairing/Characters: Harry/Severus
Summary: Harry offers himself in exchange for the lives of 300 Ministry hostages and two missing Order members. What should be an ending, is only the beginning.

A Fire Inside by Calanor/Seulwolfe
Length: Oneshot
Pairing/Characters: Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Severus/Harry, Ginny/Blaise/Lavender
Summary: Nineteen years later, betrayed by Ginny, Harry lies dying alone until a ghost from the past returns….
HP Lover: Calanor/Seulwolfe is one of my favourite authors and once again she doesn’t disappoint in this little fic. I was never a fan of the various vampire fics around, creature fics seemed to be a waste of time. But I have been converted and this one is one of the few that did so. There is no going on about mates and other vampire rites a rituals romanticised beyond belief. Just a choice. Read it and enjoy!!!

For the Want of a Nail by thewickednix
Length: Chaptered (83,264 words)
Pairing/Characters: Harry/Draco
Summary: “Only months before Draco’s upcoming initiation to the Dark Side, an unexpected situation in a dark alleyway causes distortion in his plans. Draco is forced to rethink his options of how he is to get through the war on the winning side. Because only one thing is for certain: he will live to see the end of it.”
HP Lover: Hmmm… can’t comment on this one, it’s been far too long. I find it curious that I have read it as the warnings list self-harm and that is a squick of mine. I do remember reading it…

Give and Take by Merri-Todd Webster
Length: Oneshot
Pairing/Characters: Harry/Severus, and a implied onesided serve of Severus/Albus
Summary: Harry learns that life and death are both a matter of give and take.

Half Animal, Half Man by Nebkreb
Length: 101244 words or 18 chapters
Pairing/Characters: Harry/Ginny/Tonks
Summary: Harry’s life is changed dramatically when Voldemort returns at the end of his fourth year. Oh yeah, he was bitten by a werewolf and a Vampire too! Somewhat DarkHarry, not evil, just a little meaner. HarryGinnyTonks HarryHarem! warn: Sexual situations!
HP Lover: Ok I just read this for the second time, I’m not sure when this fic was written exactly, but I do remember parts of it from years ago. I feel like adding a ‘eeeww Het!’ tag on this one. I have over the years become accustomed to reading slash, and now find het rather difficult to read now. Yes I admit it, I skipped the sex scenes. Anyway, I nearly gave up on this one. Het is really not my thing at all. Having said that I was curious where the author was going to take this, what with not just one dark creature but two! I think that it was done relatively well, besides the het that is. If Harry and a harem of beauties of the female variety dont do anything for you, then stay away from this one. How ever if you have no problem with that and have a hankering for a darker Harry who is still good, has amazing sword skills, lots of familiars, tatts… oh God this is starting to sound just like nearly every one of those horrendous Independent Harry fics that every teenaged writer seems to churn out… Well it’s not that bad, I wouldn’t say it was fabulous, but it definitely got better in the end. It was worth reading it to see how he kills Malfoy.

Into the Light by SueMonroe
Length: 3 parts
Pairing/Characters: Severus/Harry
Summary: Since the final battle Harry’s life has changed. How will he live with his new nature?

Mongoose by Lomonaaeren
Length: Oneshot (15,374 words)
Pairing/Characters: Harry/Drac0
Summary: “Draco has the power he has always dreamed of in the nest of vampires that have adopted him as their own. But then his nest leader decides to hunt Harry Potter.”
HP Lover: While I have read this story, it is not one that I particularly like. This is not to say that the story is a bad one, it is very well written and is by an author I have a lot of respect for, it’s just not my cup of tea. If you like angsty, violent, realistic vamp fics then this is the one for you. There are also two sequels. Viper is the first followed by The Long Desired.

Nocturne by Tira Nog
Length: 11 Chapters – 94840 words
Pairing/Characters: Severus/Harry
Summary: “Auror Harry Potter learns a startling secret about his former Potions teacher.”
HP Lover: No listing is complete without a reference to one of Tira Nog’s works. Her works are referred to as classics for a reason, well written, engaging  and unique are some of the ways with which I would describe her stories. If you only ever read one Snarry vampire story then it had better be this one. Alternate links at Walking the Plank, AO3, Ink Stained Fingers

The ‘Normal’ Life of Harry Potter by darkpyroangel06
Length: Chaptered (68,791 words)
Pairing/Characters: Severus/Harry
Summary: “Harry Potter’s life has always been normal right? So why change anything? Snape’s a vampire; Harry was about to die. There’s only one solution, one that no one’s going to like…”
HP Lover: Ok, I’ll freely admit that it’s been a while since I have read this one but. From memory it’s angsty, with a side serving of mpreg… This is no amazing piece of literary work like some of the classics. However it’s also not that bad either. I suspect that the main reason for my not absolutely loving it is the angst. I will freely admit to being a fluff lover…Edit: new link and a quick mention of a Mary Sue alert. Not bad but there none the less.

Over My Dead Body by Cyane Snape
Length: 4700ish words
Pairing/Characters: Draco/Harry
Summary: Harry has disappeared from the wizarding world completely after sending a letter to the Daily Prophet telling all his friends and family to just leave him alone, and becomes a mortician. One day the body of Draco Malfoy appears on his table suspiciously devoid of any marker for death.

Serpent Clan Series by Medea Nevermore
Length: 2 Parts Nothing is Ever Easy and Do I get a Present Too?
Pairing/Characters: Severus/Harry
Summary: Based on the FROM DUSK TIL DAWN HARRY POTTER // SEVERUS SNAPE FUH-Q-FEST challenges: 17. Harry sees Snape wearing leather. It’s a revelation of sorts. (Kira) 172. Severus Snape really IS a vampire. And he wants to suck Harry. (Maddie Eerie) 184. Snape’s old flame shows up at Hogwarts trying to win him back. Does Harry surrender meekly… or fight like a true Slytherin to keep his man? (Madbyrd)

Slytherin Change by The Red Dragons Order
Length: Oneshot (12,347 words)
Pairing/Characters: Severus/Harry with a side serving of Sirius/Harry
Summary: “Harry Potter’s an engaged young man in a world were Magic has gone wild. One day a group of people arrive at Godrics Hollow and everything goes to hell.”
HP Lover: It’s been a while since I have read this one but from memory it is at least an interesting AU. I don’t usually like the pairing of Sirius and Harry, but this one works.

The Will of Vampires by Beren
Length: oneshot – 8337 words
Pairing/Characters: Severus/Harry
Summary: Snape disappeared a year ago, now the side of the Light find out what happened to him, and the price the vampires are demanding for their affiliation.
HP Lover: Sweet nervous virgin Harry being offered up to the gorgeously dark vampire Severus. What’s not to like? Beren is a fantastic writer and this is yet another of her beautiful offerings.


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