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A collection of stories featuring cross-dressing of some kind. This may include the use of potions, long term glamours, traditional wigs and muggle make-up, and the wearing of female clothes of some form.

Stories that contain a character that becomes a girl, either by choice or through accident, will not be included here. This list deals with stories where the character likes to dress/be a women, but keeps that which makes him intrinsically male.

The cross-dresser must be one of the main characters, not a side character. Preferably a canon character.

All stories must be completed.

By Sulfur and Salt by Elfwreck
Length: Oneshot
Summary: Snape’s idyllic life with Lily is disrupted when the Ministry of Magic takes an interest in them.
HP Lover: A bizarre little story about Severus Snape and Lily Prince… I’m not really sure what to make of this one. But one I am sure is rather a unique take on what happens after the war!

Dressed to Impress by Riffraff
Length:4 chapters + epilogue
Pairing/Characters: Severus/Harry
Summary: Harry’s costume for the ministry’s annual Winter Ball impresses someone Harry hadn’t counted on even being in attendance.
HP Lover: A cute little story about Harry being to late to get the good stuff!!! Think fishnets and a bunnytail…

Over My Dead Body by Cyane Snape
Length: 4700ish words
Pairing/Characters: Draco/Harry
Summary: Harry has disappeared from the wizarding world completely after sending a letter to the Daily Prophet telling all his friends and family to just leave him alone, and becomes a mortician. One day the body of Draco Malfoy appears on his table suspiciously devoid of any marker for death.

NEW! Queer Like Us by Suitesamba
Length: Chaptered – 25,301 words
Pairing/Characters: Harry/Severus
Summary: Severus Snape keeps both feet firmly planted – one in the magical world, and one in the Muggle. He’s a changed man, living a very different life, and might have gone on like this forever, perfectly content, had it not been for a vaguely familiar woman with real beetles for earrings who crossed his path one day at his favourite coffee shop and led him down the street to Harry Potter. A Severus-centric story about self-discovery, self-acceptance, and traveling new roads with both new and familiar faces.
HP Lover: I cannot express how much I enjoyed this one. Suitesamba does a beautiful postwar mature Harry, and Severus has also mellowed into an interesting character. Cannot recommend highly enough!

Something Ever After by AbstractConcept
Length: oneshot
Pairing/Characters: Severus/Harry
Summary: Harry just wanted his happy ending. Instead, he’s stuck with a sparkly tiara and glass shoes, and the entire world seems to have gone mad.
HP Lover: A spell gone wrong and a wonderful author and you have a great story! I love this one and it’s always good for a giggle. Think Disney princessess!!!

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