Welcome to HP Lover

A never ending project cataloguing Harry Potter fanfiction, I hope to delve deeply into the various stories that I have read over the years and catalogue them according to themes and pairings within.

I started this as a project in learning to use different content management systems and found that the constant supply of HP stories was greater than expected.

Tools that I am using include Delicious, email and of course my trusty phone, on which I devour HP fanfics in manner resembling a starving man at a feast…

I hope that this will become a resource that can be used by fans looking for lists of completed fiction in the themes that they wish.

I have chosen to only list completed fics as I have become frustrated with finding great lists with some fabulous fiction, only to discover that they are often WIPs and are unlikely to be finished.

Occasionally I do find a WIP that is so amazing that it would be a shame to not list them, however, I plan on listing these separately from the main lists.

Enjoy! I hope you do…