Hmmm… Easter….

Well a four day weekend… What to do? What to do…┬á I know get totally stuffed at Mum’s place for lunch, that takes care of tea too! And then home to Snarry.

Some of the lovelies devored today are…

´╗┐Commonplace Magic by Acid and Sinick (Is a non-magical AU where Harry is in uni)

Come Out of the West by Perfica (Again non-magical with Harry working in a hospital, with Snape as a patient)

Some Notes Exchanged by Nenya Entwhistle (Non-magical – Harry works in coffeeshop)

The Trial of Henri Blanc by klynie1 (Magical AU set after the war – Harry is an auror, I think)

I’m almost tempted to start a new list… does 4 stories count as reason enough to start a list??? Hmm, shall have to think on this some more. Perhaps I’ll start the draft and what till I have more to post the list.

Til next time.. Happy Easter!!!