Oh God, Oh Wow!!! <--- Speechless!!

Hmmm… I have just finished reading a series that has completely blown me out of the water and given a new meaning to epic.

I am upset, crying, smitten, snuffly, in love, and devastated all at once. It is difficult to condense my reaction to this story to a single word, or even a paragraph for that matter. Three stories, stories that make your heart sing, that make you believe in love between two divergent characters, stories that rip your heart out, that make you laugh, that make you cry… three stories that have re-awoken the love of ‘the snarry that is’. Can I really express the sheer emotional outpouring that has commenced, since starting to read these stories, in mere words???

If you only ever read one snarry in your life, then this has to be it!

Yes, there were a couple of points that I didn’t like so much, was never big on the whole student/teacher thing when the student is still in school. One can argue that 16 is not an age that is old enough for anything. The simple reality is that life often doesn’t follow those paths that you desire it to follow, and the scenario shown here is not really that unbelievable. Two men(ish) locked into a room/s with only themselves for company, turning to each other for comfort and eventual love. Despite my preference for smut and well written smut at this, there actually isn’t that much smut. Yes there is a sex scene or two (well maybe a few more than that), but they aren’t written to be titillating, and I certainly wouldn’t describe this story as an erotic feast. What catches the eye is the manipulation, the verbal sparring, the ‘I don’t love you’s’ and spark. Certainly I forgot that Harry is a teenager for much of the series.

So what is the name of this wonder of which I speak??? ‘If you are Prepared‘ by Cybele, found on Walking The Plank.

Try it, I think you maybe pleasently surprised!!!


I have just realised that it has been a year (well pretty close to one anyway) since I had last posted. And here we are with two posts in one day… Aren’t you lucky!

Is it just me that thinks that there should be a warning that is something along the lines of OMG Het!!!