Oh God, Oh Wow!!! <--- Speechless!!

Hmmm… I have just finished reading a series that has completely blown me out of the water and given a new meaning to epic.

I am upset, crying, smitten, snuffly, in love, and devastated all at once. It is difficult to condense my reaction to this story to a single word, or even a paragraph for that matter. Three stories, stories that make your heart sing, that make you believe in love between two divergent characters, stories that rip your heart out, that make you laugh, that make you cry… three stories that have re-awoken the love of ‘the snarry that is’. Can I really express the sheer emotional outpouring that has commenced, since starting to read these stories, in mere words???

If you only ever read one snarry in your life, then this has to be it!

Yes, there were a couple of points that I didn’t like so much, was never big on the whole student/teacher thing when the student is still in school. One can argue that 16 is not an age that is old enough for anything. The simple reality is that life often doesn’t follow those paths that you desire it to follow, and the scenario shown here is not really that unbelievable. Two men(ish) locked into a room/s with only themselves for company, turning to each other for comfort and eventual love. Despite my preference for smut and well written smut at this, there actually isn’t that much smut. Yes there is a sex scene or two (well maybe a few more than that), but they aren’t written to be titillating, and I certainly wouldn’t describe this story as an erotic feast. What catches the eye is the manipulation, the verbal sparring, the ‘I don’t love you’s’ and spark. Certainly I forgot that Harry is a teenager for much of the series.

So what is the name of this wonder of which I speak??? ‘If you are Prepared‘ by Cybele, found on Walking The Plank.

Try it, I think you maybe pleasently surprised!!!

Hmm… two updates in as many days

No, I’m not sick, just managed to kick the extra people off my comp for a change.

OK I have just updated the Vampire List and Snarry pairing again. I’m trying to work my way through the large list of vamp fics that I have bookmarked on my Delicious account. I did orginally start doing by what ever it was I had at hand. But all I ended up with is a whole heap of drafts and no live pages. This way, I hope I have things up and running and am able to add pages/lists as they get enough stories on them to bother making them live.

I have found that in all this coding, going back and re-jigging ones memory over stories tends to mean that I spend more time reading than coding…

Please enjoy the latest offering.

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Yet another update

– Update??? What’s with that?

Well we are back after having lost our password and getting the site nearly shut down… not a good thing.

But on the other hand, I did read some more loverly stories.

Both the Vampire list and the HPSS pairing list have been updated with two stories.

Now for some recs… Severus Sighs (I’m sure I have mentioned this wonderful group  a few times before) is having a Grand Challenge. Hmm… what does this mean for you and I? Well lots of lovely stories featuring everyone’s favourite potions master. And no not all of them are slash and even less are Snarry. It’s a Severus Snape focused com so there is all sorts of delights for the discerning reader.

Go and check it out!

Updates… Finally!!!

I have just done a quick update and have added three more stories to the vampire list… and to the AU one as well, but really that was to be expected as one of the stories really crossed both boundries.

I am still doing my cataloguing and you’ll find everything that I have read on my delicious account. The links to particular tags can be found by clinking on the themed lists link at the top of the page.

Until next time…

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Hmmm… Easter….

Well a four day weekend… What to do? What to do…  I know get totally stuffed at Mum’s place for lunch, that takes care of tea too! And then home to Snarry.

Some of the lovelies devored today are…

Commonplace Magic by Acid and Sinick (Is a non-magical AU where Harry is in uni)

Come Out of the West by Perfica (Again non-magical with Harry working in a hospital, with Snape as a patient)

Some Notes Exchanged by Nenya Entwhistle (Non-magical – Harry works in coffeeshop)

The Trial of Henri Blanc by klynie1 (Magical AU set after the war – Harry is an auror, I think) http://community.livejournal.com/snarry_games/115218.html

I’m almost tempted to start a new list… does 4 stories count as reason enough to start a list??? Hmm, shall have to think on this some more. Perhaps I’ll start the draft and what till I have more to post the list.

Til next time.. Happy Easter!!!

Follow up to post on 27th Nov

It seems that despite having the time to read copious amounts of HP fanfiction, I never seem to find the time post on any of my sites…

Time to do something about that…

In my previous post I mentioned joining the Severus Sighs yahoo group and quietly despaired that it was going to be one of those really busy ones where I really didn’t follow what was going on and eventually set to special messages so that my inbox didn’t fill up. Needless to say, I still get all of the emails coming through, and just as well as they are a prolific bunch of writers who often on the spur of the moment will have a challenge or something as long as it has Severus Snape in it!

Not only has reading all of these wonderful stories been fabulous, but they have convinced me to spread my wings and join in… as a beta! I have just participated in my first beta for a loverly lady Fancypantsdylan as she writes her story for the Snarry Holidays exchange. It has been an interesting experience for us both but a good one none the less.

In the meantime, I have been reading many loverly stories and I’d like to share a few with you…

The Snarry Games have produced some wonderful fics and art and these are the ones I have read so far…



I have just realised that it has been a year (well pretty close to one anyway) since I had last posted. And here we are with two posts in one day… Aren’t you lucky!

Is it just me that thinks that there should be a warning that is something along the lines of OMG Het!!!


New to me…

Well, that one may require some explaining!!

I have recently joined Severus Sighs (the mailing list) and was surprised at the sheer volume of emails that come through. Tempted to do what I usually do when the list I joined is too long, I delayed putting the list onto ‘no mail’ and am I glad I did!! This list is the most prolific list of authors who constantly challenge each other to write drabbles, amongst other things.

Kink night is a favourite! And well really any other night that the members get frisky is wonderful!!

But one of the side effects of joining this wonderful resource is that I have been exposed to wonderful communities such as the Snarry Games and other challange based communities. I have avoided them previously as they are often on Live Journal and I have avoided that place as I find trying to find stories on there burdensome and a hassle. I prefer going to an archive and clicking on the recently updated tab. <— Lazy I know!

So I have had the true delight of reading some amazing stories on Insane Journal at these wonderful communities… you can too by going here —> Snarry Games or perhaps Drarry is more your cup of tea then here is good for you —> H/D World Cup

What to do…

It is eternally an ongoing saga, what do you do? I have been reading HP fanfiction now for several years, and find that while my tastes have changed and there is always new stuff written, I am constantly going back to the older stories. Is it because they were written pre HBP (not my most favoured of the books) or is it because they are definitely AUs. I don’t know. I do know that I prefer to read those stories that look at canon and decide to discard it. AUs are becoming my main stay. The stories that I return to. The ones were Draco decides early on that he doesn’t want to follow Daddy Dearest, where he is a veela and Oh My God! Harry is is his mate. Yeah, ok, so those are like the pulp produced romance novels you find in the supermarket, but every now and then you find a good one. And I admit I do enjoy a good romance, the relationships between characters is what drives my reading. And I don’t mean just the romantic ones. A favourite one would be Make a Wish by Rorschach’s Blot. Harry’s interaction with the world as it goes past, the things he gets up to, and the whole Mr Black character is fabulous. The concept of Harry deciding to live a little before he dies and what he then goes on to do, is a brilliant plot devise that becomes, what I think, is one of the best AUs that I have read. I must admit I not too sure about the way it ends and the sequal, but then I’m not a writer of creative fiction and cannot honestly say that I could do any better.

In the meantime, I shall endeavor to continue to devour fiction as it goes by, keep those author alerts happening so I dont miss any new stuff and hope that this big cataloguing project that I brought on myself will one day be finished. Or will it? After all, the only way that will happen is if I stop reading or people stop writing. Now which do you think is more likely to happen??? 800+ fictions left to catalogue… and god knows how many I haven’t read yet!!!

Welcome to HP Lover

A never ending project cataloguing Harry Potter fanfiction, I hope to delve deeply into the various stories that I have read over the years and catalogue them according to themes and pairings within.

I started this as a project in learning to use different content management systems and found that the constant supply of HP stories was greater than expected.

Tools that I am using include Delicious, email and of course my trusty phone, on which I devour HP fanfics in manner resembling a starving man at a feast…

I hope that this will become a resource that can be used by fans looking for lists of completed fiction in the themes that they wish.

I have chosen to only list completed fics as I have become frustrated with finding great lists with some fabulous fiction, only to discover that they are often WIPs and are unlikely to be finished.

Occasionally I do find a WIP that is so amazing that it would be a shame to not list them, however, I plan on listing these separately from the main lists.

Enjoy! I hope you do…