Prove it

Drabble written for the Kamerreon yahoo group Anniversay Drabble Chain Jan 2011

Prompt: Kay would like: Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy and “prove it”.

Harry slunk out of the shadowy alcove, his bare feet rubbing one on top of the other as he peered around the corner into the next corridor.

“Damn Malfoy and his pissing contests,” Harry muttered under his breath, wondering how it came to this. He knew he should have walked away at “Mine is bigger than yours”. Anything that started with that and ended with “Well, come on! Prove it!” was bound to end in tears. He clutched at the fabric bunched at his waist as he eyed the corridor and the classroom across the way. He was still two floors from the dorm and that was a lot of ground to cover. He jiggled on the spot as he tried to determine if it was safe enough to dart across. It had been quiet for a while. The giggling had abated somewhat and he certainly couldn’t hear any voices anymore.

He darted out and across the corridor to the classroom opposite, trying not to slam the door. He lent against the door and nervously pleated the fabric between his fingers. He had never shared this with anyone, but if he kept this up, the whole school would know. He cracked open the door and peeked out, no one. He slipped out and attempted to jog quietly the rest of the way. He would be so humiliated if he was caught now. His feet slapped against the stone floor as he counted the steps under his breath and before he knew it he was in front of the common room entrance.

Sucking in air through pursed lips, he huffed it back out ruffling his fringe and pushed the door open.

Nonchalantly he sauntered through the packed room to the dorms beyond, and finding door he sought, he sprinted the rest of the way, slamming the door behind him. The rooms only occupant looked up from where he was reclining on the bed, an eyebrow raised at the commotion.

“Well,” Draco said as he slowly sat up, with all of his attention focused at Harry’s waist “lets see it then.”

“Where’s yours?” Harry asked, the tension in his shoulders visible.

“In a minute. I want to see yours first.”

Harry sighed, this was it then, the moment of truth. Make or break. He glanced at the boy on the bed in front of him. “Promise not to laugh.”

Draco rolled his eyes, “promise.”

Harry stared at him a moment longer before parting the fabric in front of him.

“Ooohh!!!” Draco squealed, “it’s gorgeous! Now mine!” He lifted the pillow on the bed and drew out a Harry Potter Bear and proudly held it up. “I call him Beary Potter.”

Harry chuffed with quiet laughter, and pulled his Draco Malfoy Bear closer to his chest. “What a pair we make, with matching plushies. And yours is so not bigger than mine.”

Draco laughed, “He’s not as good as the real thing.” He placed the bespectacled bear down and held out his hand with a smile. “Come here and I’ll prove it to you.”
The real Beary Potter

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