A collection of stories featuring the pairing of Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy.

The pairing must be the main relationship. Minor pairings are only accepted if they are significant to the story.

All stories must be completed.

Awakening by Lomonaaeren
Length: Oneshot – 31,450 words
Pairing/Characters: Harry/Draco
Summary: Draco and Harry have a forced bond. Draco and Harry have trouble getting along. Draco and Harry want freedom from the bond-no, wait, that’s only Harry.
HP Lover: Sneaky, snarky, manipulative Draco at his best.I do like this one. Highly recommended!!

BloodBound by Shanne
Length: 36,654 words or 8 Chapters
Pairing/Characters: Harry/Draco
Summary: “It had been two weeks since they’d lost their most prized weapon… the prophesized child that should rid the world of its greatest threat, the Chosen One, the Boy-Who-Lived… Two weeks since the Order lost Harry Potter to darkness. HPDM slash. Vamp!fic”

New! The Christmas I Loaned My Sons by Ellipsis the Great
Length: 32,000+ words
Pairing/Characters: Harry/Draco
Summary: After losing his wife and son to a magical disease, Draco Malfoy puts an ad in an editorial to borrow a son for Christmas. Harry Potter answers.
HP Lover: A holiday favourite, single dad Harry is a weakness for me, and his twin boys are so cute!! Warm and fuzzies for everyone!!!

New! Home for Christmas by Unbroken Halo
Length: 41,479 words, 25 chapters
Pairing/Characters: Harry/Draco
Summary: Harry opens his home to vacationing travelers during the holiday season, and finds more than he bargained for, as well as everything he didn’t know he was missing.
HP Lover: Yet another single dad story, only this time it’s Draco who is the father figure of the story. I love the interactions of the characters in this one. There is some playfulness as well as one of the more realistic explanations of the aftermath of the war. Also on IJ, LJ and Slythindor100.

Mongoose by Lomonaaeren
Length: Oneshot (15,374 words)
Pairing/Characters: Harry/Drac0
Rating: M
Summary: “Draco has the power he has always dreamed of in the nest of vampires that have adopted him as their own. But then his nest leader decides to hunt Harry Potter.”
HP Lover: While I have read this story, it is not one that I particularly like. This is not to say that the story is a bad one, it is very well written and is by an author I have a lot of respect for, it’s just not my cup of tea. If you like angsty, violent, realistic vamp fics then this is the one for you. There are also two sequels. Viper is the first followed by The Long Desired.

Over My Dead Body by Cyane Snape
Length: 4700ish words
Pairing/Characters: Draco/Harry
Summary: Harry has disappeared from the wizarding world completely after sending a letter to the Daily Prophet telling all his friends and family to just leave him alone, and becomes a mortician. One day the body of Draco Malfoy appears on his table suspiciously devoid of any marker for death.

Sex and Consequences by Alisanne
Length: Oneshot
Pairing/Characters: Harry/Draco
Summary: A night of celebrating leaves behind more than either Harry or Draco are prepared for.

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