Lists by Pairing

A collection of lists of various pairings, all of the lists follow some very basic rules.

  • All of the fics listed are completed, I don’t like going through a fantastic list only to find that 80% of the content are WIPs or abandoned.
  • I have read them. These lists are not necessarily fic recs, but by the same token, I’m not going to list something that I think is absolute crap.
  • The pairing is a significant part of the plot, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the pair in question are shagging all the way through, but that the relationship between the two is a vital part of the story. (Severitus fics will, no doubt at some stage, be listed separately under themes.)
  • Unlike tradition, the name in the front of the pairing doesn’t indicate the dominate partner in the list.

As a temporary measure some of these links will point to tags on my Delicious account, until pages have been written for them.


Harry/Severus on Delicious

Harry/Lucius on Delicious

Harry/Draco on Delicious

Harry/Ron on Delicious

Rare Pairs


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