Beloved Quotes

A collection of quotes from various stories that have hit home in some way.

~ Pain of MisunderstandingBetsanne

I’m not ashamed of my first time. I have some wonderful memories of that night,” Harry said with a soft smile. “It’s the morning after that I’m not so crazy about.


~ Made-Up Lullaby #43fitofpique

Severus at a Ministry Function…

He takes a large swallow of the truly abysmal chardonnay on offer and distracts himself by wondering how they convinced the kneazle to piss in the bottle. One of life’s many mysteries.


~ This Noble Land by Conquest WonHysterical Hystorian

Without a word Severus led him to their bedroom, a chamber with a large western-facing window. He stood before the open window and tipped his face upwards. The dying rays of a blue and pink of the west-setting sun, fingering in between the ancient, rolling mountains, cast a golden patina around him. A breeze lifted the tips of his black hair, just a little, and made the newly borne leaves on the trees rustles softly. Somewhere, a whipoorwill sang the first song of the evening, and nearby the wood thrush answered, completing the symphony of colour and sound.


~ Bright Pink Straws and Paper Umbrellaseeyore9990

“Stay with me.”

Severus went perfectly still, allowing the words to play over and over in his mind as he looked at them from every angle. He finally decided he would have to either kill Potter before the night was over, or fuck him senseless. Both options had their appeal, but the second one edged out over the first. After all, if he fucked the little brat and he was disappointed, he could still kill him and be satisfied when it was over.


~ Fire in the Bloodrianess

Leave-taking, as many of us know to our cost, is rarely joyful and generally sorrowful. (That is of course, unless you are saying goodbye to your mother in law, in which case, many married men would recall it as one of the more cheerful moments in their lives – but that has no relevance to our story).

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