Sweet Tooth Sugar Fix by Mazarin221b

King sucks in a breath, staring. It’s been an amazing few months since they finally admitted their mutual attraction, and now King wonders how he ever got so lucky as to end up in an actual relationship with Ram. He knows that they’re outwardly different, King chatty and friendly where Ram is taciturn and introverted, but together, as a couple, they seem to fill each other’s missing pieces. Even their silence together is comfortable and warm. And even more surprisingly, their spreadsheet is a testament to their sexual chemistry, the sheer number of various kinks, positions, and experiments that they both enjoyed, or both did not, completely unexpected. And now, Ram is offering himself up to King, as if he’d read King’s mind and knew, fully, what King wants from this experience.

Because he wants it, too.


Updated today

Three lists were updated today…

Yes it’s been a while, but apparently it’s like riding a bicycle and just comes back to you when you try again!

So updated today were the following pages. It’s only a little update, but the next one should be bigger!


An Alternative Universe


Another update!

Well it was somewhat timely…

My list of fiction that needs to be added here is growing but the updates are not!! Today we have had a couple fics added to the following lists:

  • Harry/Draco
  • Harry/Snape
  • An Alternative Universe

Feel free to check out the rather extensive list of bookmarks that I have been building on AO3. I mostly read on my phone these days, to the days of updating my lists as I read are nearly completely over 🙁

If you do follow that link to my AO3 profile, then you will find that my reading has branched out into other fandoms. No doubt this site will slowly change to reflect that. But it will remain HP centric for now.

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